Create Confidence That Lasts

Live Life At Your Maximum Potential

Create Confidence That Lasts

Live Life At Your Maximum Potential

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Self-Doubt Traps You in the Starting Blocks of your Potential

Can you relate to any of these struggles?

Feeling Stuck

Are you constantly second-guessing yourself, unable to commit to a plan or the next step forward?

Negative Self-Talk

Is there a noisy self-critical tape playing on repeat in your head?

Missed Opportunities

Are you letting opportunities pass you by, playing it safe and small, but feel a niggling sense that maybe you could do and be more?

I was in my 40s, with massive career slippage, and my self-confidence a distant memory.

My passion for helping women find their voice, connect to their infinite potential, and confidently take ownership of their lives began with my own realization that I was riddled with self-doubt and living way below my potential. As my family responsibilities increased, my career took a back seat, and eventually all but evaporated. Over time I realized that I was in danger of sleepwalking through the rest of my life if I didn’t find the courage to make a change. So began my journey to find my courage and unlock my potential.

I began to get curious. I took courses on any subject that piqued my interest. I read voraciously! I listened to podcasts; interviews with dreamers, artists, and achievers. I attended seminars, workshops and retreats. I experimented with different business ideas. The more I explored and experimented, the more eager I was to help others to dare to live more courageous lives.

I wrote my book, The Little Book of Good Enough, which encapsulated much of what I had learnt. But I knew I wanted to develop more expertise in guiding others on their journey, so I trained and qualified as a Certified Professional Coach. I now help people, just like you, overcome their self-doubt, tap into their boundless potential, and forge a path to the life of their dreams. You’re not here just to make up the numbers. You’re here to be daring and to live life at your maximum potential, and it would be my honor to help show you the way.

Eimear Zone, CPC, ACC, ELI-MP

Certified Confidence Coach

The Confidence Key

Ignite Your Maximum Potential

Some people make it look so easy, confidently moving from opportunity to success, effectively navigating life’s challenges with calm composure. You feel stuck, you want to make changes but you doubt and second-guess yourself, and nothing changes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are specific steps you can take to uncover what’s holding you back, to clear your path, and unlock the energy and potential that lies dormant within you. When you know what those steps are, and have an expert coach to guide you, you’ll be able to create confidence at will and access life at your maximum potential.

The people you see around you, who are achieving things you only dream of, aren’t better than you, they’re just operating from a higher zone of potential.

If you’re interested in learning how to unlock the confidence key and access your highest potential, click the button below to learn more and to apply for my program.

Create Confidence At Will

No more second-guessing and angst, relinquish stress and operate from your powerful “mastery mindset”.

Replace feeling "Stuck" with Clarity and Direction

Awaken and access inner certainty as you pursue each goal on your path with total focus and relentless drive.

Unlock Your Unique "Success Formula"

Approach every situation and challenge knowing exactly how to optimize your performance for maximum results.

The Perfect Coach for Anyone Seeking The Confidence to Grow into Their Most Powerful Self!

Cristina A, Entrepreneur, Colorado, USA

“Eimear is a very compassionate and talented coach. Because she immediately made me feel so comfortable and created such a safe space, I was able to honestly examine and explore my internal beliefs, to work through what was serving me and what was holding me back. She has always guided me to dig deeper, to set goals that really inspired me to grow and to connect to my confidence and drive to reach those goals. Though our work together I have found the courage to explore fully each challenge and situation I encounter on my path – including facing old skeletons hiding in my closet.

“Our coaching sessions are always very powerful, I discover things that I did not expect and I am able to take the learning and growth into my life moving forward with growing confidence on a daily basis.

“Eimear listens deeply and is capable of figuring out what is hindering my confidence. One of the key elements of a great coach is one that shows non-judgement and also challenges engrained limits. She is excellent at both. When we work together, I know that she will support me in whatever exploration I need to do and we will end the session with insights, awareness and practical ways to take the lessons forward into my everyday life.

“I cannot recommend Eimear highly enough, she is the perfect coach for anyone who is seeking the confidence to grow into their most powerful self! Like me, she will stretch you to reach your goals, and ultimately to create your very best life.”

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