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Getting Unstuck – Think-fixing and The Powerful Art of Allowing

Do you ever feel stuck? Life doesn’t always respond well to trying to think our way out of a feeling or challenge. We have a tendency to overuse our thinking minds in the hope that we can somehow “think-fix” a worry or uncomfortable feeling. There’s a much more effective approach that helps us release from the racing thoughts and allows us to access our peace and freedom.

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How to stop worrying and obsessing about stuff you can’t change

It seems like there are countless reasons to be worried or unhappy with the way things are and it is stressful and exhausting. There is another perspective that offers more freedom and ease and it’s accessible to anyone. In this post you’ll learn how to stop worrying about stuff you can’t change and take a path to more freedom and less stress.

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3 Powerful Ways To Crush Your Fear Of Failure

Fear of failure can keep us in the starting blocks of your potential. An opportunity that seems exciting at first will be relegated to the “Too Hard”/”Nor For Me” pile when we let fear dictate the direction of our lives. If you’re tired of shying away from those scary/exciting opportunities in life, this post is for you!

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5 Powerful Strategies To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparing ourselves to others can bring up a lot of discomfort. Although at times we can feel inspired to strive harder and higher when we hear of another’s success, often it can trigger feelings of harsh self-judgement, anxiety, self-doubt and sadness. Learn how to shift your mindset to avoid the comparison trap.

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5 Ways To Unplug and Disconnect from Toxic Self Talk

Does your self-talk often leave you feeling sad, demoralized or even worthless? Negative self-talk can be toxic, erode our self-confidence and rob us of the vitality we need to pursue our goals and dreams. Learn how to break free from its pull, and disconnect from toxic self-talk.

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Why You Experience Impostor Syndrome And How To Respond

Impostor Syndrome is that feeling that you don’t belong, that you’ve somehow managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and attain a position that you don’t deserve. It’s a fear story that’s prevalent and costly and this post looks at why we experience it and how to respond so it doesn’t get in our way.

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