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Live Life At Your Maximum Potential

Client Stories

Live Life At Your Maximum Potential

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What My Clients Have To Say...

My clients started just where you are; feeling stuck, unsure of the next step, doubting themselves and their potential. But through our work together they examined what was holding them back, pushed through the old beliefs of “less than” and “not enough”, built the confidence to connect into what they really wanted to achieve and the life they wanted to experience. Then they set the goals and took the action steps to propel them forward. You can do the same and, like any journey, it starts with taking that first step.

The Perfect Coach for Anyone Seeking The Confidence to Grow into Their Most Powerful Self!

Cristina A, Entrepreneur, Colorado, USA

“Eimear is a very compassionate and talented coach. Because she immediately made me feel so comfortable and created such a safe space, I was able to honestly examine and explore my internal beliefs, to work through what was serving me and what was holding me back. She has always guided me to dig deeper, to set goals that really inspired me to grow and to connect to my confidence and drive to reach those goals. Though our work together I have found the courage to explore fully each challenge and situation I encounter on my path – including facing old skeletons hiding in my closet.

“Our coaching sessions are always very powerful, I discover things that I did not expect and I am able to take the learning and growth into my life moving forward with growing confidence on a daily basis.

“Eimear listens deeply and is capable of figuring out what is hindering my confidence. One of the key elements of a great coach is one that shows non-judgement and also challenges engrained limits. She is excellent at both. When we work together, I know that she will support me in whatever exploration I need to do and we will end the session with insights, awareness and practical ways to take the lessons forward into my everyday life.

“I cannot recommend Eimear highly enough, she is the perfect coach for anyone who is seeking the confidence to grow into their most powerful self! Like me, she will stretch you to reach your goals, and ultimately to create your very best life.”

I Discovered A Whole New Side Of Myself!

Yona R, Physical Therapist and Coach, Colorado, USA

“I have had the distinct pleasure of being coached by Eimear, and I am seeing and feeling the results. Her style is comforting and easy, yet she always keeps me focused on the areas in my life where I am seeking growth and improvement. She is like the loving guide or teacher who gives you a sense of safety as you take on the “tough stuff.”

“Through my work with Eimear, I have learnt that confidence really is an inside job. True, lasting confidence doesn’t have to shout from the rooftop. It can speak quietly and strongly through who we ARE. I love the fact that I, at the age of 50, am finding a whole new side of myself who is eager to embrace this next stage of life with gusto and joy!

“I so appreciate Eimear. She is a skilled and natural coach and she has been a true blessing. I give her my highest commendation! If you are looking for a coach who can help you grow into the wonderful, confident person you truly are, I definitely recommend Eimear.”

I Have Gown So Much In Confidence and Clarity!

Bené M, Entrepreneur, Florida, USA

“Eimear is down to earth, a “woman of will”, who totally believed in me. She immediately saw beyond the limitations I had unconsciously and unquestioningly accepted in my life. Where I had become so used to seeing obstacles, Eimear saw possibility and potential in me that I had almost forgotten existed. She drew that out and expected nothing less from me than my absolute best.

“Even when it wasn’t clear in my mind, Eimear patiently and with a laser-sharp vision and understanding of what was possible, guided me on my path. She never told me what to do but was with me on a journey to untangle for myself, the thoughts and emotions that were holding me back, sapping my self-belief and confidence. When you work with Eimear and succeed in untying the knots and find the clarity that has eluded you, she will take no credit, but stand back like she had nothing to do it. I began to see solutions I never knew were there and gained the clarity and courage to take my professional life forward – Magic!

“I have worked with Eimear long enough now that she became an anchor in my, at times, tumultuous life and I have grown so much in confidence and clarity. Eimear is tough, and will hold you accountable to the vision you want to create for yourself, but she is a compassionate and empathetic guide. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

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