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Jeff Carson
#1 International Bestselling Author

I enjoyed and appreciated Eimear’s approach and execution of my coaching program. She came presenting a clear plan, a road map to uncovering my values and getting clear what it was holding me back in my career and personal life, and we followed through step by step, each step building on the last and uncovering more secrets I didn’t know I had within myself.

Eimear is compassionate and insightful, and she was a great coach and companion through my process of self-discovery. I found I was holding many beliefs that had gone unchallenged in my own mind when it came to my writing and what I could achieve, and also life as a father of two boys, both of which were leading me down paths I wasn’t happy traveling. She gently helped me uncover for myself those limiting beliefs, or reactions leading me astray, and gave me new tools to help choose a new path with more clarity of mind.

Ultimately after our sessions I felt a renewed vigor and confidence in my career and personal life. It was like I was back on the path of my choosing. To anybody looking to break through to that next level, to remove the blocks and gain back that feeling of confidence, I wholeheartedly recommend Eimear’s coaching!

Yona R.
Leadership Coach

I have had the distinct pleasure of being coached by Eimear, and I am seeing and feeling the results. Her style is comforting and easy, yet she also manages to get me focused on the areas in my life where I am seeking growth and improvement. She is like the loving parent or teacher who gives you a sense of safety as you take on the “tough stuff.”

Through my work with Eimear, I am learning that confidence really is an inside job. True, lasting confidence doesn’t have to shout from the rooftop. Rather it speaks quietly and strongly through who we ARE. I love the fact that I, at the age of 50, am finding a whole new side of myself who is eager to embrace this next stage of life with gusto and joy! I so appreciate Eimear. She is a skilled and natural coach and she has been a true blessing. I give her my highest commendation! If you are looking for a coach who can help you grow into the wonderful, confident person you are, I definitely recommend Eimear.

Rosei Frost
Entrepreneur, UK

My coaching journey started at the beginning of 2021 after handing in my notice. I had just completed my Master’s and was looking for someone to work with who could help me to realize my potential and self worth. 

Although I am an extrovert, I actually lacked self confidence and found I was accustomed to avoiding anything that made me feel uncomfortable/challenged. Eimear was brilliant right from the start. Her assessment, using the Energy Leadership Index tool, gave me powerful insights into how my perspectives and beliefs were impacting the results I was seeing in my life. Equipped with this knowledge from the outset of our I was able to consciously raise these “energy levels” to allow for more productivity and growth. 

My focus in our work was on growing my career. Eimear helped me to identify my values so that I could be sure to build my career-focus on what values I held dearest to me which would allow me to grow. The confidence I gained from protecting these values and becoming aware of many other topics we covered, means that I now have the self belief to become unstoppable. I no longer allow myself, or others, to damage this belief, which has led to many interesting new paths and discoveries. 

I went into the coaching sessions determined to become a powerhouse of a career mum. What I have found, with Eimear’s coaching, is that pivoting on self assurance is ok too. I got the career that I thought I wanted, but then realized it sacrificed too many of my values. Thanks to the coaching, I had the self confidence to choose a part time career that fits perfectly into my family life and entrepreneurial spirit. I no longer play small, and feel confident in trusting my gut instincts

Personally the greatest transformation from Eimear’s coaching came through the values work and from learning to create and maintain those boundaries to protect my values. 

I would recommend Eimear to anyone who is looking to take up more space in the world. Her research is thorough and is person-centered which must take time and dedication. She is truly a person who will coach you in empowerment and self belief. If you have ever struggled with self-confidence, second-guessing yourself or felt wracked by guilt at the thought of disappointing others if you choose to put yourself first for once, then Eimears is the right coach for you. My investment in coaching was undoubtedly the best money I have spent all year. The insights I gained and the techniques and practices I learned were powerful and will continue to add value to my life in the coming years.

Sabrina B
Self-Employed Professional, USA

I really appreciated the quality of Eimear’s presence, her ability to help me identify goals and gently guide me in the direction that I am most interested in growing. I loved her summaries and her deep listening. It was great to have someone that was non-judgemental to open up areas in my life that I felt were sticky and unresolved.

Emily Brandenberg
Social Media Strategist

Eimear is such a brilliant soul. Every coaching conversation with her always provides me with the confidence I need to move forward. What before felt like a mountainous challenge to set a boundary with a client, now feels so doable. After chatting with Eimear she leaves me feeling so empowered and I no longer feel worried or scared about setting boundaries. Instead it feels easy and natural!

It’s gotten to the point now where, whenever I struggle with any kind of boundary-setting, I just pause and think “WWED?” (What Would Eimear Do?) and immediately know the appropriate way to go about setting a boundary. She is truly gifted in teaching such a valuable life skill. You’ll love her “Elegant No Method”!

Absolutely anyone would gain SO much knowledge from working with Eimear. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Margaret Cunningham
Manager and Leader

When I earned a promotion recently I immediately knew I had a lot more questions and not many answers. My gut told me that coaching was what I needed to address some of the insecurities and overwhelm of navigating this transition as a new mother moving into a position of significant leadership responsibility.

A lot of what I felt was a need to feel perfect in everything I was doing. How can I be the best mom, partner, and manager all at once. Eimear’s message about navigating perfection really spoke to me and I’m so grateful we got to work together through this key period of transition in my life.

My biggest takeaway came from an exercise Eimear shared with me where I really considered my legacy and what I want to be remembered for. It is something I come back to over and over. One of the many valuable tools I learnt and which I continue to use most is Eimear’s “leaves in the stream” meditation which helps me create distance from unhelpful, negative thought patterns. It is a tool that allows me to stop, breathe, and take care of myself for a moment, which I realize now is what allows my best self to show up. The best part about the meditation is that it comes with me anywhere and I can use it anytime without anyone knowing.

If you are in a place where you are looking to get clear on what matters most to you, your values, and how to show up in your life as the very best version of yourself, Eimear is definitely the coach for you.

Cristina Amigoni
Entrepreneur, Co-founder Siamo Consultancy

Eimear is a compassionate and very talented coach. She provides a deeply safe space to explore internal beliefs and external issues in many different situations. She has always guided me to dig deeper and find the confidence in me to not only grow and reach my goals, but to have the courage to explore the situation and face the skeletons in my own closet. Our coaching sessions are always very powerful, I discover things that I did not expect and I am able to take the learning and growth into my life moving forward on a daily basis. She listens deeply and is capable of figuring out what is hindering my confidence.

One of the key elements of a great coach is one that shows non-judgement and also challenges engrained limits. She is excellent at both. When we work together, I know that she will support me in whatever exploration I need to do and we will end the session with insights, awareness and practical ways to take the lessons into my everyday life on my own.

I cannot recommend Eimear highly enough to anyone who is looking to find and build their confidence to grow and more powerfully reach the goals they are seeking.

Bené M
Educator and Entrepreneur USA

“Eimear is down to earth, a “woman of will”, who totally believed in me. She immediately saw beyond the limitations I had unconsciously and unquestioningly accepted in my life. Where I had become so used to seeing obstacles, Eimear saw possibility and potential in me that I had almost forgotten existed. She drew that out and expected nothing less from me than my absolute best.

Even when it wasn’t clear in my mind, Eimear patiently and with a laser-sharp vision and understanding of what was possible, guided me on my path. She never told me what to do but was with me on a journey to untangle for myself, the thoughts and emotions that were holding me back, sapping my self-belief and confidence. When you work with Eimear and succeed in untying the knots and find the clarity that has eluded you, she will take no credit, but stand back like she had nothing to do with it.

I began to see solutions I never knew were there and gained the clarity and courage to take my professional life forward – Magic! I have worked with Eimear long enough now that she became an anchor in my, at times, tumultuous life and I have grown so much in confidence and clarity. Eimear is tough, and will hold you accountable to the vision you want to create for yourself, but she is a compassionate and empathetic guide. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

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