The Confidence Key

Ignite and Unlock Your Maximum Potential

The Confidence Key

Ignite and Unlock Your Maximum Potential

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7 Research-Backed Tips to Skyrocket Your Confidence

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Haunted By The Question, "Is This As Good As It Gets?"

Without Confidence We Get Stuck in The Starting Blocks of Our Potential

It begins with a nagging sense that you felt there would be more – that YOU could be more – and that somehow, somewhere along the line, that life seems to have slipped away. You notice that there’s a pattern in your choices that all seem to fit and align with a smaller life, and it doesn’t feel quite right. It doesn’t feel fulfilling. You see others living bolder, more courageous, bigger lives and soothe yourself by telling yourself a story of why those people are somehow so very different to you. But the story doesn’t really soothe you.

Making any significant change seems too overwhelming. There have been times when you did summon some courage to take on a new project in the hope of inviting a glimpse of your dreams and more opportunity into your life. You struggled to sustain the change, or retreated when the opportunity seemed within your grasp and fear eventually, predictably took over. You rationalize your decision, you tell yourself a story to soothe yourself. But that story doesn’t really soothe or satisfy you either. Because you know, deep down, it just isn’t true.

Confidence Changes Everything!

After I finally got tired of hiding and sleep-walking through my own life I accepted, initially somewhat reluctantly I’ll admit, that no one was going to show up, or no thing was going to happen, to change how I was experiencing my life. I had to take full ownership of who I was, where I was, and what it was that I really wanted. It became very clear, very early on, that the key to unlocking a different life, a life of my fullest potential, was confidence.

I began to research confidence, attending seminars, workshops and retreats. I studied some of the most confident and successful people in the world seeking to understand what they knew or did that differentiated them. I studied social and behavioral science. I worked with amazing coaches and I dedicated a year to training with the leading coach training school in the world. I discovered that, not only is confidence an inside job, authentic confidence, the key to unlocking your maximum potential, is accessible to everyone because it can be learnt.

Introducing The Confidence Key

We’ll kick-off our journey to your confidence-fueled future with my research-backed, proprietary, attitudinal test taking a deep dive into how you’re showing up in your work and life today, and the nitty-gritty of why you’re getting the results you’re getting. In this first phase we gather the invaluable data we’ll use throughout the program to measure and track your progress.

Next we’ll build the vision of the ideal life you dream of, and I’ll teach you the most powerful mindset shift to accelerate and maximize your results and transformation. In the second phase you’ll discover how to identify and address your specific confidence drains and I’ll introduce you to a game-changing tool that will allow you to optimize your performance, in the moment, whatever the situation or challenge. This tool will become your new BFF and we’ll use it throughout the program.

In the third and final phase of our work together you’ll discover the 10 practices of the most confident and successful people in the world (and nope, we won’t be talking meditation and gratitude practices!) and we’ll take a deep dive into the top 3 practices that will maximize your results. We’ll wrap up by combining all you’ve learnt into a success formula for your unique Confidence Key which you will use for the rest of your life to unlock and live life at your maximum potential.

Create Confidence At Will

No more second-guessing and angst, relinquish stress and operate from your powerful “mastery mindset”.

Replace feeling "Stuck" with Clarity and Direction

Awaken and access inner certainty as you pursue each goal on your path with total focus and relentless drive.

Unlock Your Unique "Success Formula"

Approach every situation and challenge knowing exactly how to optimize your performance for maximum results.

Imagine The Possibilities!

Imagine seeing opportunities everywhere, instead of obstacles. Imagine truly owing the unshakeable belief that, no matter the situation, you could handle whatever came your way. Imagine feeling excitement instead of fear whenever you stepped into a new and unfamiliar situation. That’s what confidence gives you; a deep acknowledgement and ownership of your inherent power. This is life at your maximum potential, a life where you become an unstoppable force, destined to achieve your vision of success. You finally release yourself from what’s been holding you back and realize your full potential. What would you create if you were able, at will, to optimize your performance and operate at maximum potential? The possibilities are, quite simply, endless.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

I believe that everyone deserves to live life at their maximum potential, where we can access and express every gift, and every ounce of potential we possess. Life is too short not to play full out. We’re not here to live lives of quiet desperation, or to sit on the side-lines, to play supporting roles in our own lives, wondering “what if?” If you agree and you’re ready to stop struggling and get to work with an expert by your side, complete the application below. I’ll personally review your application within 48 hours and reply with your next steps. If accepted I’ll help you gain clarity and get unstuck, to build a pathway from fear and doubt to excitement and resolve, while we unlock your confidence and ignite your maximum potential.

Eimear Zone CPC, ACC, ELI - Master Practitioner, COR.E Dynamics Specialist

Certified Confidence Coach

Eimear Zone, CPC, trained with the internationally renowned coaching school iPEC, (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) gaining her professional certification in 2019. She further enhanced her coaching credentials through graduate certification programs as an ELI Master Practitioner and a COR.E Dynamics Specialist in 2019 and 2020 respectively. In 2020 she was certified ACC by the International Coaching Federation. She is the author of The Little Book of Good Enough, published in 2018, which is call to self-doubters to follow her example to ditch the doubt and own their worth.